Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I have something to eat or drink?
Yes, there is a bar available where you can order drinks and snacks.
2How long does laser tag last?
1 session of laser gaming lasts 20 minutes including instruction.
3What age is laser gaming suitable for?
Laser gaming is suitable for anyone 6 years and older and taller than 1.30 m.
4Should I attend earlier?
We ask that you be present 10 minutes before the battle so that we can start instruction on time. If you are late, there is a chance you will not be able to play.
5From how many people does the arena open?
The arena will be opened for a minimum of 4 people per game. If there are fewer of you, we will see if you can join another group.
6Do I play only with my group or also with other participants?
It is possible that you may be joined to another group. If you are with a large group, there is less chance of this happening. We will try to take the age of the participants into account as much as possible.
7I made a reservation but did not receive confirmation. Now what?
The confirmation may have ended up in your spam box or the e-mail address may have been mistakenly not entered correctly. Please contact us and we will send you the confirmation again.
8Can I use my Rotterdam Pass?
Rotterdampash holders get 1 free game per pass year. You can make the reservation online and choose the "on site" payment method. Bring the Rotterdampas to the box office.
9Are there restrooms?
There is a ladies' and men's restroom.
10Are there dress codes?
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. No heels, but easy shoes. Be sure not to wear white clothing.
11Is laser gaming suitable for pregnant women?
Pregnant women should assess for themselves whether laser gaming is suitable for them. The laser beams are not harmful to your health.
12Is laser game suitable for the disabled?
The arena is not accessible to the disabled. There are obstacles and stairs.

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