Lasergame Extra

Would you rather like to beat your friends twice instead of once? You should try lasergame extra! Instead of 1 game, you will play 2 games. Twice as more fun! Suitable for both small...

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Unlimited Lasergaming

Unlimited lasergaming means you can start shooting from 09:00 pm. Invite your friends, colleagues and/or family and start battling each other. In this game you can earn extra points (in addition to shooting points)...

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All-you-can-eat grill menu & Lasergamen

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy our arrangements. You simply walk across the Parkhaven to our lovely Café Ech Wel. The cafe and Lasergame join their forces to make sure guests of...

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Junior Kids Party

A long time ago, pirates ruled the sea. Human beings started shivering as soon as they noticed pirate ships on the horizon. The pirates of today don’t use canons but laser jets. On the...

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Splashtours & Lasergamen

The Splashtours & Lasergame Arrangement is perfect for water enthusiasts. You will kick off at Lasergame Rotterdam and will go down in a submarine. The Splashtours & Lasergame Arrangement is perfect for water enthusiasts....

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Construction of the Maastunnel

From 3 July 2017 until the summer of 2019 the Maastunnel will be closed from north to south. The Maastunnel is 75 years old and ready for a renovation.

Please take into account extra travel time.

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