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What is ‘lasergamen’

Lasergame is played with minimum four persons. The goal of the game is to gather points by “shooting” as much as other persons possible.

Each participant wears a special suit and has a laser gun. This laser gun has a laser jet allowing you to hit others. This laser jet is rather weak and not dangerous at all. The suits absorb the laser jet and will keep score. If you get hit the suit will make a signal and you will be out of the game for 3 seconds.

During the game you can gain extra points (except for the shooting points) by getting hit as few as possible. These points allow you to ‘buy’ extra forces such as: immunity, invisibility and spy. If you get hit and are out of the game, two lamps on both shoulders will start blinking. It is not allowed to run in this game. At the end of the game the participants will get a results table.

You go down to the boat’s hold and imagine yourself being in a true submarine. In the engine room the gamers prepare themselves for departure. The sound of sonar and water reinforces the underwater experience. You will be kept under fire through portholes. You seek cover behind oil barrels. In this arena (300m2) you can let yourself go completely!

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