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On which day and time is Lasergame Rotterdam open?

Lasergame Rotterdam is open on:

Monday                on request (from 20 persons)
Tuesday               on request (from 20 persons)
Wednesday         13:00 – 22:00 uur
Thursday             16:00 – 22:00 uur
Friday                  15:00 – 01:00 uur
Sateruday            11:00 – 01:00 uur
Sunday                11:00 – 22:00 uur

Check our opening hour for more information

Do i need to come on time?

Please be with us 10 minutes prior to the game.

How many people do i need to open an area?

The arena will be opened for minimal 4 persons per game

Am i gaming with my group or with another group people?

It is possible that the groups can be set together. When there isn’t enough people. When you’re with a large group of people, the chance with another group is low.

Where can i find Lasergame Rotterdam?

You can find us at de Parkhaven 9.

What are the prices per person?

Lasergame (20 minutes, inclusive of 5 minutes explanation)   €9,75
second game                                                                    €7,75
Lasergame extra (2x gaming inclusive pause)                       €17,50
Students price*                                                                  €5,95
*Only valid on the first session of lasergame and showing the Studentspass on Wednesday or Thursday at 17.00 hours and on Sunday at 19:00 hours.

Where can i lunch, diner or drink?

By the restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan in de Parkhaven 9 can you have a diner or a drink on Thursday and Friday at 16:00 hour and on Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 hour. Are you with 20 persons or more? Then we will open early on request. Click here for more informations.

How can i make a reservation?

You can call use to place a reservation at: 010 – 436 21 33. You can send us a E-mail with ur name, how many persons (how many children or adults), Time and date of your reservation and mobilenumber to:  or you can fill in our reservation formu

How do i know when the reservation are confirmed?

When the reservation are confirmed, we will send an E-mail.

I didnt receive an E-mail, what now?

If you didnt receive an email please look in your spamm box or your email isnt correct. Please send or call us when you didn’t receive it to or call to 010 – 4362133.

Where can i park my car?

The navigation address Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan is Parkhaven 20. Follow the “Euromast” signs directly to Parkhaven. A parking lot is located directly in front of the Euromast and Parkhaven. There is no free parking in Rotterdam city center, and often you can only pay using a “chipknip”. We recommend parking your car at the Parkhaven parking lot, which is the nearest parking lot available. There is also one at walking distance near the Machinist. Parking charges are approximately 50 euro cents per 8 minutes.

NOTE: It can be busy at the parking meter! Please allow a possible long wait at the parking meter in the Parkhaven.

Suggestion! Leave your car sign at the desk of  ‘Lasergame Rotterdam’ and skip the parkingline. After the game you can pay at our desk for the time your car is parked at the Parkhaven.