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Children’s party

kio-9880A birthday is the best day of the year for a child. Happy people, a lot of candy, presents and of course an exciting children’s party! Imagine yourself being in a true submarine, battle with your friends and beat them in an exciting lasergame session. Lasergame Rotterdam offers various possibilities for nice children’s parties. Just playing lasergame is fun, but you can also combine it with a children’s menu. We offer something for everybody and will turn your birthday party into a big success!


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Lasergame Rotterdam, can be expanded with another activity, a lunch or a dinner. At the time of booking you can indicate with what other attractions and expansion you want to associate the lasergame session


We recommend to make an online reservation for your laser battle. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail mentioning the exact hours of your lasergame sessions. Make a reservation in advance in order to avoid disappointments.

Groups larger than 20 persons can also visit by Zwarte Zwaan Events.


Lasergame Kids Party Medium

A long time ago, pirates ruled the sea. Human beings started shivering as soon as they noticed pirate ships on the horizon. The pirates of today don’t use canons but laser jets. On the junior kids party you and...

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  • Children up to 11 years € 11,75 p.p.

Children’s menu & Lasergamen

Is it your birthday? Combine your party with a lovely children’s menu! Enjoy an exciting laser battle and enjoy a lovely children’s menu afterwards. The children’s menu consists of French Fries, applesauce and one of the following snacks: chicken nuggets or fish sticks. You will go home with a present.In this lasergame battle you can […]

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  • Children up to 11 years € 19,50
  • Children up to 11 years € 14,50
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